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OrthoNeuro Technologies Virtual Lab Program

Dynadjust Virtual Lab Program

The Virtual Lab Program (V-Lab) is the most versatile of OrthoNeuro Technologies' scholastic offerings. While we still strongly recommend that beginning students have a Dynadjust Instrument assigned to them full-time, we have seen that there are many situations where students can greatly benefit from less intensive practice.

In the V-Lab program, the Dynadjust instruments are assigned to the school rather than individual students. This gives each school the flexibility to decide when and where to use the Dynadjust technology. Each student maintains their own on-line Service Center account to upload and access their exercise data.

Each V-Lab includes:

  • The Scholastic Implementation Program:
    We provide the support and training to help faculty teach, monitor, and track groups of students using the Dynadjust Instrument and the web-based Service Center. The cost of the Scholastic Implementation Program is $5000; please see the full program description for all the details.
  • Unlimited use of 30 Dynadjust Instruments:
    These instruments can be assigned to one or more students, they can be provided in lab settings, or be used for student evaluation, the choice is up to you. There are no limitations on the use of these instruments. If your application requires more than 30 Dynadjust Instruments, just add more V-labs.
  • Unlimited number of Dynadjust Service Center Student Accounts:
    The Service Center is the key to fully utilizing the Dynadjust technology. It allows faculty and students to track progress, confirm completion of lab and home-based assignments, and assess competency. A school can have as many student accounts as they want but they must maintain at least one active student account per Dynadjust instrument. The Student accounts are $25 a month.

The V-Lab Program makes it easy for any Institution to benefit from the Dynadjust's ability to quantify their students' performance of High Velocity Low Amplitude thrusts to improve their performance of spinal and extremity adjusting techniques. Please contact us for more details.

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