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Informational Videos for OrthoNeuro Technologies Dynadjust HVLA Training Systems

Dynadjust Perspectives

A video describing the benefits and opinions of the Dynadjust Systems, from the various perspectives of those for whom the Systems were created: Approximately 26 min.


Dynadjust Odyssey

A description of the advent of the Dynadjust Systems, over more than two decades, along with information about the published independent research on the technology: Approximately 14 min.


Dynadjust / OrthoNeuro Tech. History & Mission

A brief history and mission of the Dynadjust technology and OrthoNeuro Technologies, and the teaching of the modalities which utilize HVLA procedures: Approximately 6 min.


Dynadjust Research Amalgamation Video

A compilation videos of several presentations, by Dr. John Jay Triano, addressing various groups of individuals about the research and relevance, and importance of the Dynadjust technology: Approximately 16 min.


Dynadjust Research

Dr. Triano Describing his Dynadjust Research to the Presidents of the Chiropractic College Presidents at ACC RAC in San Diego, CA: Approximately 6 min.


Dynadjust Research

Dr. Triano at O.N.T. Headquarters Describing his thoughts on the value and usefulness of the Dynadjust Systems for Chiropractic Colleges: Approximately 1:35 min.


Dynadjust Continuing Education

Dynadjust Online Continuing Education Program Description: Approximately 4 min.


Dynadjust Guide

A Basic Dynadjust Users Guide: Approximately 16 min.


Dynadjust Superimpositions

Dynadjust Superimpositions: Video shots, without sound, of some of the most common Dynadjust Training Exercises and Doctor / Patient Positioning Simulations with Superimpositions: Approximately 2:47 min.


Dynadjust Research

The Application of Plyometric Principles in Dynadjust Training: Approximately 6 min.


Opinions and Recommendations on the Dynadjust Technology From the Students Who Were the Dynadjust Study Test Groups at Two Chiropractic Colleges:

TCC Student Interviews: Mostly 1st year students 6:25 min.


CMCC Student Interviews: 1:37 min.



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