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Scholastic Implementation of the Dynadjust

The implementation of the Dynadjust Spinal Manipulation Training System into academic settings is the most exciting application of our break-through technology. Everyone at ONT is committed to improving the education process of learning spinal manipulation by providing state of the art technology solutions and support.

Technology is rapidly changing the way people learn new information and skills in every discipline. We are proud to be leading the world in providing the Dynadjust technology to those learning how to manipulate the spine and other joints of the body. Through increased practice and unprecedented feedback on their performance of high velocity low amplitude thrusts, today's students who utilize our technology will be faster, stronger, and more precise than their predecessors.

The Dynadjust allows students to begin training their performance of HVLA thrusts earlier and with more feedback than ever before possible. Some programs start basic training of the important muscle groups used in manipulation even before they arrive on campus. Instructors can also assign at-home assignments that provide immediate feedback and can free up valuable in-class time.

We begin by providing training and support for all technique instructors using the system and we stay involved with our partner intuitions to be sure they can utilize the Dynadjust in the most appropriate way for their program. Each institution has an on-site administrator with high level ONT support access and we are always available to students and instructors for any help they may need related to our system.

Please review the Scholastic Implementation information found on our website and contact us with any questions you may have.


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