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Scholastic Implementation Services

Scholastic Implementation Services Package

The Scholastic Implementation Services Package in designed to provide complete support for an institution during the incorporation of the Dynadjust System Spinal Manipulation Training System into their curriculum. Starting with on-line training and certification for instructors including assigning one as an OrthoNeuro Certified Administrator (OCA) with direct access to high level support services, face to face consulting with your Technique and IT staff, and on-going support, ONT is there at each step of the way.

Following implementation an institution will be able to teach, monitor, and track groups of students using the Dynadjust instrumentation and web-based Service Center available exclusively with the Dynadjust Spinal Manipulation Training System. Our goal is to support the utilization of our technology throughout an institution's entire curriculum to help increase student competency and deepen their psychomotor skills. The package ensures continual interaction with the research, development, and support teams of OrthoNeuro Technologies.


Benefits of the Scholastic Implementation Course

  • 8-10 hours of off-site Implementation Consulting Services from ONT Clinical Staff.
  • Certified Instructor training (OCI) for all involved faculty members.
  • One Certified Administrator (OCA) with level three comprehensive OrthoNeuro support access per school implementation.
  • One day of Onsite Campus Implementation Consulting Services.
  • Documentation outlining Dynadjust Spinal Manipulation Training System's intersections with a standard technique curriculum.
  • OCI's will be able to monitor and track each student's training progress through ONT's interactive on-line Service Center.
  • OCI's can assign lab training at-home with immediate feedback through the Service Center allowing the possibility to use in-class time more efficiently than ever.


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