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The Dynadjust Evaluation Program

An Overview of the Dynadjust Evaluation Program

OrthoNeuro Technologies has created this free program for Educators and Administrators to better understand the features of the Dynadjust Spinal Manipulation Training System and how it might best apply to their curriculum.

The Program is delivered in a convenient webinar format and includes distance learning resources. We understand how busy educational professionals are and have created an efficient yet complete package to provide all the necessary information about this exciting technology.

The program consists of two, Lunch and Learn, one hour webinars scheduled one week apart. The webinars review the design and capabilities of the two components of the Dynadjust Spinal Training System; the Dynadjust Instrument and the on-line Dynadjust Service Center.

  1. The first one hour webinar is all about the Dynadjust Instrument. Its development, how it works, how to apply it to any lab situation, and how to train with it. Participants will be asked to train with the Dynadjust for a week and bring them to the next webinar.
  2. In the last webinar we explain how to utilize the Dynadjust to evaluate for competency in OSCE's or lab exams and we will detail the features of the Dynadjust Service Center. The Service Center is an on-line, cloud-based technology that allows students and educators to review their exercise performance from any location with internet access. During this one hour webinar someone from your team will upload their exercise data and we will help you explore the student section of the Service Center. Next we will review the Instructor section including class set-up, and how to review class and student data through the use of a sample school account.

This program is provided at no cost, we will even buy your team lunch for the two webinar meeting. Please contact us to schedule a time to meet.

For a short introduction to our technology, how it works, our cloud based service center and online learning center please review, Introduction to the Spinal Manipulation Training System

To preview some of the materials, please go to our distance learning site.

Follow the instructions to log-in as a guest to the Introduction to the Dynadjust System courseware.



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