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This list of links to scientific journal abstracts is a small but significant sampling of “Dynadjust Specific” research articles, and some of the most “on point” articles, demonstrating the transferability of skills developed on machines and apparatus, to actual clinical application on human patients.

This is an exciting and presently emerging science, and we at OrthoNeuro Technologies are dedicated to advancing this science, and to continuing to support the research efforts at the various institutions, and in the field as well. Be sure to monitor this page regularly, as we continue to work together with you, your peers, and the top bio-mechanical research scientists, on a global scale.

It is an important part of our mission to keep you informed of the incredible advances in bio-mechanical sciences, and their educational and clinical applications.

Quantitative feedback versus standard training for cervical and thoracic manipulation
Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics
Volume 26, Issue 3 , Pages 131-138, March 2003

"Dynadjust training resulted in a 9X improvement for males, and an 18X improvement for females."

Developing skilled performance of lumbar spine manipulation
Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics
Volume 25, Issue 6 , Pages 353-361, July 2002

"Results demonstrated significant changes in performance of spinal manipulation by students using the training aid instrument versus those who did not."

Biomechanics: Review of approaches for performance training in spinal manipulation
"How we perform spinal manipulation makes a difference (See Cleland et al 2009) to the right group of patients. Feedback is a key component that hones the central nervous system, increasing its adaptability and the functionality necessary to apply treatment safely to patients with pain involving complex pathology."
John J. Triano, DC, PhD


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