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OrthoNeuro Variable Resistance Exercise Kit

As a very effective adjunct to the standard Dynadjust training regimen, OrthoNeuro Technologies now offers this compact and portable accessory kit designed to strengthen the specific muscle groups used in spinal manipulation. Exercising with the Variable Resistance Exercise Kit will supplement your training with the Dynadjust instrument as well as promote development of the key muscle groups used in administering high velocity, low amplitude procedures.

To train with the Variable Resistance Exercise Kit, attach the elastic tubing to the rod and suspend the water bag utilizing the white plastic clamp. To add more resistance, simply add more water to the bag; the weight ranges anywhere from 2 – 20 pounds. Next, with arms outstretch in front of the subject, slowly raise and lower the bag by rotating the plastic rod. An extra element of difficulty is provided by the elastic component of the surgical tubing, which fluctuates as the bag is moved up and down. Utilizing the Variable Resistance Exercise Kit will help promote strength and endurance in the very specific muscle groups needed in most types of spinal manipulation procedures.

Variable Resistance Kit includes the following

  • A specially designed rod with sure-grip end caps
  • A heavy-duty water bag with variable weight resistance
  • 4-5 feet of elastic cord used to suspend the water bag and provide a more difficult static movement
  • A white adjustable clamp used to secure the elastic cord to the water bag and training rod


Variable Resistance Exercise Kit: $29.95


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