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OrthoNeuro Technologies Creates an Advisory Board
OrthoNeuro Technologies announces the creation of an Advisory Board to help guide the company in product development.

Kirkland, WA (PRWEB) March 2, 2011 -- OrthoNeuro Technologies, Inc. (http://www.ortho-neuro.com), a technology company that designs, and integrates products and services focused on technique skills development to increase proficiency in the chiropractic community, announced today the implementation of an Industry Advisory Board to assist the company in strategic development and execution. This board of industry luminaries will advise OrthoNeuro Technologies on product development, clinical and research projects as well as industry needs, direction and relations.

“I am delighted to have such a deep and respected group of Chiropractic Industry Professionals representing Research, Education and Practice Operations, under the leadership of our Board Chairman Dr. J. Triano,” said Dave Despard, CEO of OrthoNeuro Technologies.

About OrthoNeuro Technologies
Headquartered in Kirkland, WA, OrthoNeuro Technologies is a technical solutions company that develops technique skills development systems to accelerate physical skills training in spinal care practitioners. For more information on OrthoNeuro Technologies, go to www.ortho-neuro.com

Dave Despard
CEO OrthoNeuro Technologies, Inc.

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