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OrthoNeuro Technologies Sponsors Interactive Webinar with Dynamic Chiropractor


OrthoNeuro Technologies sponsors free interactive webinar that will discuss compelling evidence about the importance of accuracy, control and skill in chiropractic manipulation.

Kirkland, WA (PRWEB) August 02, 2011 -- OrthoNeuro Technologies, Inc. (http://www.ortho-neuro.com), a technical solutions company that develops training devices and programs for the chiropractic community, announced today that they will be sponsoring a free interactive webinar that will discuss compelling evidence about the importance of accuracy, control and skill in chiropractic manipulation.

On August 18, 2011, Dynamic Chiropractic magazine will play host to a free interactive webinar that will discuss compelling evidence about the importance of accuracy, control and skill in chiropractic manipulation.

Sponsored by Ortho Neuro Technologies Inc., the webinar will be moderated by the publisher of Dynamic Chiropractic, Donald M. Peterson, and feature a live session with Dr. John J. Triano, DC, PhD, currently Dean, Graduate Education & Research, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, Toronto, and Associate Professor at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario.

Referring to the latest research, Dr. Triano will discuss the benefits of rehearsed practice and quantifiably measuring the complex physical forces involved in the chiropractic adjustment, as well as strategies for practitioners to assess their personal skill in manual technique. He will also explore the benefits and risks of the inaccurate, excessive or moderate application of force in manipulation, to both the patient and the practitioner's practice.

Joining Dr. Triano will be Dr. Dominic Giuliano, BSc, DC, Educational Coordinator, Simulation Laboratory at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, Toronto. Dr. Giuliano will share his personal experience with various approaches in education to measure the forces of chiropractic manipulation.

As a result of participating in this webinar, participants will:

  • Better understand the complexity of manual chiropractic manipulation
  • Understand how to assess personal skill and accuracy in the application of manual technique
  • Understand the relationship between measuring the dynamics of Chiropractic adjustment in practice and the
  • improvement and maintenance of skill in manipulation
  • Understand the relationship between the skilful application of manual procedures, patient benefit and practice growth

"The Washington State Chiropractic Association represents the chiropractic profession in the state of Washington and promotes chiropractic care to the public. Their spring conference is attended by many of the chiropractors in Washington and provides us a great opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of the Dynadjust Spinal Manipulation Training System. During the conference, attendees will not only be able to see the system up close but will be able to touch and feel the device, try various exercise parameters and then see how that data is transmitted to the secure area of our website allowing them to view their individual results," said Dave Despard, CEO of OrthoNeuro Technologies.

The Dynadjust Spinal Manipulation Training System is the only system available today that's capable of evaluating the present level of doctors actual physical capabilities, with regard to their ability to perform the crucial physical maneuvers needed to produce effective High Velocity, Low Amplitude joint manipulation. With the Dynadjust instrument and our web-based center for service and analysis, a doctor will be able to accurately measure their physical capabilities, analyze strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan of action for improving all areas of weaknesses.

About OrthoNeuro Technologies
Headquartered in Kirkland, WA, OrthoNeuro Technologies is a technical solutions company that develops game changing, standards setting technologies that dramatically accelerate physical skills development for spinal care practitioners. For more information on OrthoNeuro Technologies, go to http://www.ortho-neuro.com.

Dave Despard
CEO OrthoNeuro Technologies, Inc.

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