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Dr. Scott Hammons Joins OrthoNeuro Technologies as Chief Marketing Officer.

OrthoNeuro Technologies taps seasoned multidisciplinary doctor to bolster its customer experience and growth agenda

OrthoNeuro Technologies, Inc. (http://www.ortho-neuro.com), a technology company that designs and integrates products and services focused on technique skills development to increase proficiency in the Spinal Care Professional community announced today the Dr. Scott Hammons has joined the company as its first Chief Marketing Officer, where he will be responsible for marketing, communication and new product commercialization. As CMO, Dr. Hammons will be a member of OrthoNeuro Technologies executive management team.

The newly created position of Chief Marketing Officer, will help OrthoNeuro Technologies maintain a consistency of messaging and branding across its range of service areas and ensure it delivers on its customer experience and growth agendas. The CMO will also develop and lead the team dedicated to new product commercialization, assessing opportunities and bringing them to market.

"I am delighted that Scott is bringing his deep knowledge and expertise to OrthoNeuro Technologies as we continue to diversify our service areas and expand our reach through organic and strategic growth," said David Despard, OrthoNeuro Technologies CEO. "The CMO is central to OrthoNeuro Technologies commitment to be the leading provider of products and services focused on technique skills development related to the High Velocity, Low Amplitude manipulations in North America and to ensure the best possible customer experience for our growing list of clients in Canada and the United States.”

Dr. Hammons established and opened Essential Chiropractic, now Elite Sports and Spine in 1999 in Bellevue, WA and most recently opened a second clinic in Seattle, WA. With his unique background and multidisciplinary approach to healthcare he has positioned his clinics as some of the top Sports Chiropractic Clinics in the region. He has served as team Doctor for different running organizations, been a quest lecturer and speaker and numerous sports events as well as taught Chiropractic/Sports Medicine to medical students. Dr. Hammons graduated from Palmer West Chiropractic in 1998.

About OrthoNeuro Technologies
Headquartered in Kirkland, WA,
OrthoNeuro Technologies, Inc. (http://www.ortho-neuro.com) is a technology company that designs and integrates, products and services focused on technique skills development related to the High Velocity, Low Amplitude thrusts commonly utilized in spinal and extremity manipulation by the Chiropractic, Osteopathic, Naturopathic and Physical Therapy professions.

For more information on the Virtual Lab Program, the Scholastic Implementation Program, Dynadjust research, and how to apply the system to any manipulation training program, please go to http://www.ortho-neuro.com

Dave Despard
CEO OrthoNeuro Technologies, Inc.

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