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Dr. Kevin Leathers

Dr. Kevin LeathersDr. Kevin P. Leathers is a 1991 graduate of University of Western States Chiropractic College. As a first-year student at UWS, Dr. Leathers decided to design an electronic analog to the human body, in order to facilitate the process of learning the skills necessary in spinal manipulation. The result is a training instrument capable of measuring all of the parameters of the actual dynamics of the manipulative thrust.

After graduation from UWS, Dr. Leathers established Marina Park Medical Clinics, in Kirkland WA, and has since practiced Chiropractic on a full-time basis. In the early 1990s, Dr. Leathers secured patents for his Dynadjust device, and has designed many evolutions of the technology, each time taking full advantage of the latest electronic components and advancements available.

The first fully functional production version of the Dynadjust technology was completed in 1999. It soon became the subject of an in-depth research study at Texas Chiropractic College. This independent research study was designed by Dr. John J. Triano, and conducted by the Research and Technique faculty there. (see links to these JMPT research articles at this website)

Dr. Leathers and David Despard founded Ortho Neuro Technologies, Inc. in 2009. O.N.T. Inc. has taken advantage of the most revolutionary advancements in modern electronics to completely re-design the Dynadjust instrument, and create an elaborate interactive web-based service center.

Today, Dr. Leathers is the Chief Technology Officer and Medical Consultant to Ortho Neuro Technologies, and continues to act as Clinics Director for Marina Park Medical Clinics.

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